the operatives that make up our Special Operations Division (SOD) that are highly trained Executive Protection, SWAT and Hostage Rescue professionals. They have worked these assignments every day in both the public and private sector for government dignitaries, sports and entertainment celebrities, and high ranking government officials.   Our team of certified protection specialists has more than twenty years of experience in providing executive protection and logistical support.  These specialists receive continued training to ensure they are up to date with the latest possible threats to their clients. They are also aware of and have access to the most current methods and strategies...thus offering a specialized service exclusively to our clients.

Executive Client Protection
Whether you are the owner, CEO, or other high-level executive at a business or corporation, an athlete or celebrity, your safety and security is of the utmost importance.   Statewide is proud to offer you specialized ancillary services such as point to point transportation arrangements, secure charter aircraft and/or ground transportation. We are the only security company in Michigan who has 24 hour access to our own private helicopter!   With this unique service come unique individuals and