Contractor Security Services
  Statewide specializes in Construction and Demolition Site Security. Statewide has been working hand in hand with developers and contractors for years. Whether you are dismantling 12 million square feet of commercial structures or breaking ground on a retail or residential development, we are here to protect your investment. Theft and liability run hand in hand in this business, and we are here to help. Statewide has provided facility site protection for hundreds of projects across the State of Michigan.  

  Materials are disappearing as fast as they hit the ground and while materials can be replaced, production time cannot. Let us go to work for you!   The officers that we will assign to your site are not only trained to do the job required of them, but they are educated in OSHA requirements, fire and building code, and always looking for ways to safeguard your liabilities.  Proactive patrol is the number one visible deterrent in preventing theft and vandalism on the job site and cameras are only as good as the people that monitor them.

  As the value of copper and other ferrous scrap metal has risen, abandoned or occupied structures, utility lines, and even vehicles have become targets of scavengers. This continues to draw attention from law enforcement, community groups and lawmakers.   These criminals who trespass on to your project sites to steal from you are often ending up severely injured or even killed while committing their acts and the worst part is that they and their families often are successful in civil litigation.   The cost of copper and other scrap metals has soured over the past five years, driven by the world demand that has outstripped supply. This combined with the crippled economy has only resulted in a continued loss. Let us help you put a stop to these losses.