Here is a list of School related shootings

  Let’s face it, it has become the society in which we live and unfortunately it’s not a question of “Is this type of  tragedy going to happen again”, it’s a question of “When and where is the next tragedy going to occur”

Is yous facility prepared to handle and address this type of security threat?

  Statewide Security provides trained professional security officers hired from the ranks of former Law Enforcement and retired Military Personnel. These officers have undergone specific training in: Active Shooter Response, Adolescent Mental Health Identification as well as Crisis Intervention and De-escalation. Not only are our officers specifically trained, they are also properly screened and vetted in order to operate in various school environments.
  Now, the only question you will have to ask yourself is… “Why didn’t I call sooner?”

Schools SSO (School Security Officers)

Statewide Security is affiliated with the NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers) and is proud to offer School Security Officers (SSO) that follow and abide by their directive and model of School Based Policing.Statewide Security strongly recommends that no firearms be on a school campus except those carried by carefully selected, specially trained school resource officers (SROs) and (SSO) School security officers, who are career law enforcement officers, retired law enforcement officers or properly vetted Veterans of our United States Armed forces.